Preston Simons, CIO, Aurora Health CareJosh Bernoff, Author and Analyst, Without Bullshit Roddy McKaig, VP and CIO, Shaw IndustriesMichelle Dennedy, Chief Privacy Officer, CiscoLinda Boff, CMO, General ElectricDavid Edelman, Global Co-leader, McKinsey Digital Marketing and Sales, McKinsey Steve Miranda, EVP - Application Development, OracleStuart Sackman, CTO/CIO, ADPPat Milligan, Global Leader - Multinational Client Group, Mercer


Upcoming Guests

Interview with Preston Simons, CIO, Aurora Health Care
Friday, Jun 3, 3:00pm ET
Friday, Jun 3, 3:00pm ET

Preston Simons

Chief Information Officer
Aurora Health Care

Dion Hinchcliffe

Chief Strategy Officer

Interview with Josh Bernoff, Author and Analyst, Without Bullshit
Friday, Jun 10, 3:00pm ET
Friday, Jun 10, 3:00pm ET

Josh Bernoff

Author and Analyst
Without Bullshit

Interview with Roddy McKaig, VP and CIO, Shaw Industries
Wednesday, Jun 22, 3:00pm ET
Wednesday, Jun 22, 3:00pm ET

Roddy McKaig

Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Shaw Industries

Interview with Michelle Dennedy, Chief Privacy Officer, Cisco
Friday, Jun 24, 3:00pm ET
Friday, Jun 24, 3:00pm ET

Michelle Dennedy

Chief Privacy Officer

Interview with Linda Boff, CMO, General Electric
Friday, Jul 8, 3:00pm ET
Friday, Jul 8, 3:00pm ET

Linda Boff

Chief Marketing Officer
General Electric

Interview with David Edelman, Global Co-leader, McKinsey Digital Marketing and Sales, McKinsey
Friday, Jul 15, 3:00pm ET
Friday, Jul 15, 3:00pm ET

David Edelman

Global Co-leader, McKinsey Digital Marketing and Sales

Interview with Steve Miranda, EVP - Oracle Application Development, Oracle
Friday, Jul 22, 3:00pm ET
Friday, Jul 22, 3:00pm ET

Steve Miranda

Executive Vice President - Application Development

Interview with Stuart Sackman, CTO/CIO, ADP
Friday, Jul 29, 3:00pm ET
Friday, Jul 29, 3:00pm ET

Stuart Sackman

Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Officer

Interview with Pat Milligan, Global Leader - Multinational Client Group, Mercer
Friday, Sep 23, 3:00pm ET
Friday, Sep 23, 3:00pm ET

Pat Milligan

Global Leader - Multinational Client Group

Marketing Leadership at $23B Arrow Electronics, with Rich Kylberg, CMO

Rich Kylberg

Arrow Electronics

Chris Hjelm, EVP and CIO, Kroger: Business and Technology in Large-Scale Retail

Chris Hjelm

Executive Vice President and CIO
The Kroger Co.

Jeanette Horan, Global CIO, IBM

Jeanette Horan

Global CIO

Innovation and Large-Scale IT, with Mark Sunday, CIO, Oracle

Mark Sunday


Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, CMO, Mozilla: Digital Marketing at Mozilla and Firefox

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff

Chief Marketing Officer

Connected Vehicles: Automobiles as Technology Platform with Don Butler, Ford Motor Company

Don Butler

Executive Director, Connected Vehicles and Services
Ford Motor Company

Enterprise Social Collaboration with Elisa Steele, CEO, Jive Software

Elisa Steele

Chief Executive Officer
Jive Software

Kim Stevenson, CIO, Intel

Kim Stevenson


Gerri Martin-Flickinger, Chief Information Officer, Adobe Systems

Gerri Martin-Flickinger

Adobe Systems

Kirill Tatarinov, President, Microsoft Business Solutions

Kirill Tatarinov

Microsoft Business Solutions

Aaron Levie


Digital Marketing and Transformation with Robert Tas, CMO, Pegasystems

Robert Tas

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Michael Lazerow, Chief Strategy Officer,

Michael Lazerow

Chief Strategy Officer

John E. Michel, Commanding General, NATO Air Training Command

John E. Michel

Commanding General
NATO Air Training Command

Jonathan Becher, CMO, SAP

Jonathan Becher

Chief Digital Officer

Build for Change - The Industrial Revolution of Software: Alan Trefler, CEO, Pegasystems

Alan Trefler

Founder and CEO

Lee Congdon, CIO, Red Hat: Transformation and the Digital CIO

Lee Congdon

Red Hat

Chris Curran, Principal and Chief Technologist, PWC: Digital Transformation and the Evolving CIO

Chris Curran

Principal and Chief Technologist

Michelle McKenna-Doyle, CIO, National Football League

Michelle McKenna-Doyle

National Football League

Technology, Culture, and Digital Transformation with Paul Daugherty, Chief Technology Officer, Accenture

Paul Daugherty

Chief Technology Officer

Customer-Centric Data, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things, with Adam Bosworth and Gary Flake,

Adam Bosworth

Executive Vice President

Gary Flake

Chief Technology Officer

Culture Change and Digital Transformation with Alex Osterwalder and Dave Gray

Alex Osterwalder

Author / Founder

Dave Gray


Interview with Nagesh Rao, Chief Technologist, Small Business Administration

Nagesh Rao

Chief Technologist
Small Business Administration

 Disruption in the Power Industry, with Ganesh Bell, Chief Digital Officer, GE Power

Ganesh Bell

Chief Digital Officer
GE Power

Digital Transformation at the American Cancer Society with Jay Ferro, CIO

Jay Ferro

Chief Information Officer
American Cancer Society

Innovating Platforms, Data, and Internet of Things, with Quentin Clark, Chief Business Officer, SAP

Quentin Clark

Chief Business Officer

Disruption in Consulting and Outsourcing with Matt Preschern, CMO, HCL Technologies

Matt Preschern

HCL Technologies

Design in Tech with John Maeda, Design Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

John Maeda

Design Partner
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Mindfulness in Business with Susan Piver, Best-Selling Author

Susan Piver

Best-Selling Author

Investing, Startups, and Media with Jason Calacanis, Investor and Entrepreneur

Jason Calacanis

Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor
Launch Festival

Open Data at the New York Times with Scott Feinberg, API Architect

Scott Feinberg

API Architect
New York Times

Enterprise SaaS at Scale, with Aneel Bhusri, CEO, Workday

Aneel Bhusri


Customer Engagement and Community, with Christopher Michel, Investor and Entrepreneur

Christopher Michel

Investor, Entrepreneur & Photographer

Digital Transformation and the Subscription Economy with Tien Tzuo, CEO, Zuora

Tien Tzuo

Zuora Inc.

Improving Education, with Investor Anne Dwane, Former Chief Business Officer, Chegg

Anne Dwane

Co-Founder and Partner
GSV Acceleration Fund

Enterprise Decision-Making with Anthony Scriffignano, Chief Data Scientist, Dun & Bradstreet

Anthony Scriffignano

Chief Data Scientist
Dun & Bradstreet

Interview with Zach Nelson, CEO, NetSuite

Zach Nelson

Chief Executive Officer
NetSuite Inc.

Interview with Esteban Kolsky, Principal and Founder, ThinkJar and Lauren Vargas, Chief Marketing Technologist, Aetna

Esteban Kolsky

Principal and Founder

Lauren Vargas

Chief Marketing Technologist

Office Hours with Shaan Puri, Co-Founder, Blab.IM

Shaan Puri


Big Data, Machine Learning, and Health Care with Julia Hu, CEO, Lark Technologies

Julia Hu

Lark Technologies

Digital Business Networks with Barry Libert, CEO, OpenMatters

Barry Libert

Investor, Author and CEO

Chief Digital Officer Role with David Mathison, Founder, CDO Summit

David Mathison

CDO Summit