Anurag Harsh, SVP and Founding Executive, Ziff Davis

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Anurag Harsh is an entrepreneur, a company executive, a digital and management guru, a blogger, published author of several books, business columnist for leading US publications, an investor, and a classical musician who has performed two sold out solo concerts at New York’s Carnegie Hall. His business blog has attracted hundreds of thousands of readers. His Carnegie Hall concert is one of the fastest growing and most watched world music videos online. Over his 20 year career as a business leader he has led the digital transformation of several companies with programs that have deepened customer engagement, introduced new business models, digitized operational processes, enabled greater employee collaboration, and reimagined the way we work. Anurag holds an MBA & MS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Co-Founder, Ziff Davis

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Digital media and publishing is a tough industry, with changing business models and competition from large and small players. Learn how a seasoned entrepreneur helped create one of the large digital media and publishing brands in the world.
Digital transformation is part of the core strategy for many companies. Today, however, transformation involves not just organizational change but platforms, ecosystems, and technologies that enable organizations to use data in new ways. This episode explores the transition to new business models -- simplifying without gaining complexity -- using machine learning and cognitive computing as a foundation.
Digital transformation involves all parts of a company, from sales and marketing to operations, supply chain, and talent. On this episode, a seasoned leader and author shares practical advice for undertaking a program of digital transformation. Our guest is Anurag Harsh, Senior Vice President and Founding Executive at Ziff Davis.