Ben Haines was the CIO at Pabst Brewing Co., but has recently become the CIO at Box. He is an Enterprise IT and Business Professional with over 15 years experience. This visionary strategic leader with a focus on short term execution for immediate results will talk about challenging the status quo of IT, and embracing new technologies responsibly.

A transformational CIO, Ben Haines is focused on liberating companies from the legacy world of expensive and unproductive enterprise software and information technology. As the first VP IT/CIO for Box, Ben is responsible for building out the enterprise IT function, utilizing the existing suite of cloud-based solutions and enhancing where needed. Prior to joining Box, Ben was the CIO for Pabst Brewing Company, where he transformed the traditional IT infrastructure and application environment into a service-oriented organization delivering business value. Prior to Pabst, Ben spent nine years with Red Bull, leading teams across Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas. With grounding in IT service management, Ben quickly moved into the application and business intelligence (BI) space, delivering mobile applications, BI solutions, and a global portal and collaboration platform.