Mark Sunday is Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President at Oracle. He is responsible for providing the global communications, computing, and security infrastructure that enables Oracle’s internal business operations; as well as a variety of hosting and education services for Oracle customers.

Since joining Oracle in 2006, Mark has managed the IT infrastructure assimilation of well over 100 acquisitions during a time when the company employee base has more doubled, approaching 140K employees in over 80 countries. Through rigorous application of simplifying, standardizing, centralizing and automating, Oracle realizes one of the lowest IT costs as a percent of revenue plus the agility and process capability to be one of the leading technology companies in the world.

Mark has expertise in successfully managing large scale organizations, developing world-class global teams, leading fast and efficient business transformations, fueling innovation and improving IT capabilities. Mark is an effective leader of people and has successfully challenged his team to be the first adopter, biggest influencer and best promoter of Oracle’s technologies.

As a high tech industry thought leader and visionary for over 30 years, Mark routinely shares his insights on digital transformation, Oracle at Oracle, leading globally, future-proofing technical capabilities, lessons for the C-Suite, acquisition integration/assimilation, and more. He is one of Oracle’s leading executive speakers and authors.

In addition to Mark’s role at Oracle he supports the innovation, technology and science community serving as Vice Chair of Utah Technology Council, selection committee member of the Utah Innovation Awards, and board member of the Leonardo.