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About CxOTalk Story Studio

  • What is CxOTalk Story Studio? ​​We create, promote, and distribute conversational thought leadership with your customers and executives. 
  • What kinds of stories do you tell? Innovation is our sweet spot. We help your customers and executives tell how they manage disruptive change and take advantage of new opportunities. 
  • Do you specialize in particular industries? Innovation and leadership are not specific to any business, segment, or industry. We tell interesting stories across every industry.
  • What makes CXOTalk unique? Trust, authenticity, and influence. We tell honest stories of victory, and it comes through everything we do.
  • How are the editorial and paid parts of CxOTalk different? It’s simple. Editorial stories are merit-based media: we control topics, timing, and guest selection. For paid stories, we collaborate with you to choose topics, timing, and guests.
  • How can we get in touch? Fill out the form on this page, and we will respond quickly.


  • Where will you record our videos? We can record videos on-site at your customer location, at conferences and events, and even over the Internet.
  • Can you get our customers to speak? Of course, that’s the power of CxOTalk! Corporate communications departments want their execs to appear on CxOTalk.

Topic Modules

  • What are topic modules? Topic modules are groups of three or four related stories. Typically, one of your execs presents the topic as a broad framework. Your customers then add their company and industry perspectives. The package is complete, engaging, and informative.
  • Why do you recommend creating four or five topic modules in a year? Consistency builds momentum and power.


  • How do you distribute the content? We place the video and edited transcript on our website. The video goes on YouTube. The podcast is on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and most other major podcast platforms. We also use our extensive social media network. Look at our distribution stats and audience profile.

Measurement and Reporting

  • How do you measure the results? We create stories that your marketing and sales teams will share with prospects to drive revenue. For video stories, the primary metric is watch time, which measures the duration an average viewer spends watching the video. Long watch times are the real measure of success for enterprise content.
  • What kind of branding do you use? Our stories are branded with CxOTalk, so you gain the benefit of association with the respected CxOTalk brand. 
  • Can we distribute the stories you create? Absolutely, we encourage it. Our standard license gives you unlimited ability to share the videos everywhere.