Frank B. Modruson, former CIO of Accenture, leads a high-performance global IT organization that directly supports the business goals of a $27.9 billion company. He oversees all business applications and technology infrastructure, enabling more than 266,000 employees to serve clients in more than 120 countries and work anytime, anywhere. Frank has transformed IT into a strategic asset for Accenture. Under his leadership, the IT organization has produced an unparalleled ability to run IT as a business, implemented a comprehensive governance model, streamlined the technology infrastructure and much more. Formerly serving as a client partner, he delivered large, complex IT transformation projects and business solutions that maximized ROI.

As Chief Information Officer for Accenture, Andrew Wilson leads the global IT operations of a $28.6 billion company, including the infrastructure, services and applications that enable Accenture people to work anytime, anywhere to serve clients in more than 120 countries. Mr. Wilson ensures that Accenture is at the forefront of innovation as a digital business—from mission-critical applications to the network, from e-mail and laptops to enterprise social media and collaboration tools. Mr. Wilson is also responsible for end-to-end performance and service operations of Navitaire, a wholly-owned Accenture subsidiary, which works together with Accenture to provide expertise and to deliver services for airlines in key operational and revenue generating areas.