CxOTalk Story Studio provides in-depth reporting for every video we create under a supported plan. 

We believe in transparency. Upon request, we will show you inside our YouTube account so you can directly verify our reporting.

Our reporting centers on four points:

  • Views: How many people watched the video? Our paid videos typically receive 8,000-14,000 views.
  • Average view duration: How much time does the average viewer spend watching the video?  
  • Total minutes watched: Overall, how many minutes has the video been viewed? For example, a 10-minute video with 1,000 views will receive ten thousand minutes watched.
  • YouTube search ranking: Does the video show up on important YouTube searches? YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. We want your video to rank for search terms that support your business. See exmples of our work

Barbara Humpton Siemens USA CxOTalk