CxOTalk Brand Studio creates authentic customer and executive stories for established brands and venture-funded startups. We create, distribute, and promote stories of victory from your customers and executives that support your brand goals and help you reach senior business decision makers.

We offer fixed-price solution packages that range in budget to meet every need. And, we are flexible to address your specific requirements.

Genpact Envision Virgin Racing with Tiger Tyagarajan - CxOTalk

Our Approach

Michael Krigsman develops the approach and strategy for CxOTalk Story Studio videos. He collaborates with you to ensure that our marketing programs support your campaign and sales goals.

See our influential audience demographics and examples of our work.

We offer several key benefits:

  • Influence and independence: Our interviewees are among the most influential people in the world. When we speak about you, people will listen.
  • Reach: Thousands of people spend significant time with our stories.Let us tell your story to that engaged audience.
  • Simplicity: We control the process to make everything easy for you.​