What's going today in enterprise software and cloud computing? Two members of the Enterprise Irregulars, an elite group of enterprise software analysts and executives, share their thoughts on the state of enterprise applications and cloud today.

Dave Kellogg is an experienced enterprise software executive, angel investor, board member, advisor, thought leader, and blogger. Dave joined Host Analytics in 2012, and under his leadership the company has dramatically increased the size of its subscription base, raised more than $50M in venture capital, won numerous awards for its leading FP&A technology, introduced Modeling as a new major component of the product line, increased customer satisfaction, expanded its strategic partner network, and carved out the company’s position as leading scalable cloud-based EPM platform.

David Dobrin has been working in enterprise applications for over 20 years, sometimes in development at software companies, sometimes as an analyst. Before that, he taught at MIT and the University of California, Berkeley.