How is one of the largest companies in the world evolving the way it sells? Cate Gutowski, Vice President, Commercial & digital THREAD at General Electric, speaks with CXOTalk about digital transformation of the global salesforce at General Electric, and the changing relationship between sales and IT.

Gutowski, who has worked at GE for two decades, explains the sales function is about to undergo the biggest transformation in the history of selling:

“We are driving the digital transformation of our sales force by activating the Commercial digital THREAD, a connected digital ecosystem that will enable our Field Sales professionals to serve our customers with speed, and drive growth,” she says. “My team of Product Managers incubates new technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics to rapidly test and learn on how we can drive more productivity for our 25,000 sellers across 180 countries. Our mission is to enable our Field Sales teams all over the world to do their jobs simpler, faster and better than they could before by leveraging technology.”