Discussion with Hank Barnes about Digital transformation and being customer-centric

Digital Transformation and being Customer-Centric

One of the biggest things that digital can help is that I can use digital transformation to learn more and more about my customers, to understand their buying process. I don’t do it alone with digital, frankly some of it I need to ask them when I’m engaged in a selling process. What are you going to have to do to get approval, how can I help you and make sure that the things that I feel I need to do as a seller don’t waste your time?

But the digital transformation gives me more tools to build that understanding of the buyer. It gives me more tools to be transparent about who I’m a great provider for. But the other thing it does you can apply that out to your customers. You can start to help them imagine new approaches for business. You can help them understand new business opportunities that can come up. And so you can take the digital transformation, apply your technology or service in the context of it and open up a lot of new avenues for customers.

So, again I think the biggest thing that I would say that digital transformation does it forces us to be more customer centric than ever before.