The CIO for Information of Swiss insurance giant, Swiss Re, presents his view of humanizing the future of work and knowledge. Dr. Rainer Baumann explains the impact of this important topic on Swiss Re.

Humanizing the Digital Workplace at Swiss Re

Michael Krigsman: So, tell us about what you’re doing with

Rainer Baumann: We have as part of our digital workplace program, where we embark on adopting the latest technologies, a strong journey on the Microsoft road with respect to Exchange, SharePoint, and other platforms. And enabling simpler access and adoption to these technologies is highly supported by So, how you can share documents in a simple way, how you can interact with people. Even on my mobile phone, I can get access to all my documents wherever I am in the world thanks to our app.

So, it even sounded like a commercial now.

Michael Krigsman: [Laughter] Well! So, the key is the simplicity of managing the information, which sounds like it's an essential part of your broader strategy for the business.

Rainer Baumann: It is. In fact, if you think about it, our business is so diverse. So, we have experts that focus on marine cargo hull ─ meaning on the hull of a ship [carrying] cargo. You have a few folks focusing on this with respect to documents, pricing, and a lot of knowledge. And, we have hundreds of thousands of such specialized areas. They need to manage their knowledge somehow and evolve it. Even though we rely highly on the individual experts, naturally, a company like us also wants to encode some of this knowledge to sustain this [expertise] beyond just the individuals upon which we rely heavily.