Discussion with Kare Anderson about Learning to communicate with specificity

Learning to Communicate with Specificity

We tend to speak in generalizations at first and you want to flip it, like the pyramid style in a good article where all the key facts are up front. And the more you thought through something, where you’re on the edge of innovation, you’ve seen a specific situation or technology or a person.

But I think another key is, is to work with people extremely unlike you. So to communicate, I’m a fast thinker, but my partnersare slow thinkers. One’s not dumb or better so we have to find a way to hear each other. Some people are optimistic some are pessimistic. Pessimistic people are more realistic. I’moptimistic  Isee a lot of options but I may have a rosy view. So key innovation and communication is working with people who don’t act right like you, that you can find a way to connect and communicate to benefit from the differences rather than be throttled by them.