When working with SEO consultants, choose a team that offers transparency into working methods and progress. All aspects of the search engine optimization process should be open and available so you can understand what's happening and why.


Video Transcript: Transparency and Trust in SEO

Trust and transparency play a vital role in today’s search engine optimization. There’s a lot of knowledge available on the Internet that the search engines have produced, so there’s no more mystery behind SEO.

I think there’s a misconception with some older SEO agencies that believe they can just put together a proposal based on a monthly fee, and get results without transparency or input from the client. I think that era is over.

The era of transparency of what’s going on, who’s working on what tasks, how long those tasks should typically take and how those tasks come together. I think that’s important for all businesses. There needs to be accountability for the research, whether supplied internally, by an agency or whoever is doing the work.

Businesses should ask the question, “Can I get access to the system and have visibility to what the team is working on?” If the agency, resource or freelancer isn’t willing to share their task list, which isn’t a magic secret sauce task list, then they’re probably not the right resource for the team. SEO requires interaction between technology and content, and outreach, so everything those team members do will play a role in the research.

Being able to trust a company and have transparency into the work is critical today.

Search engine optimization requires all members of the team to address key questions that affect technical, content, and performance issues. Be sure to ask your team the key questions needed to ensure they are addressing all aspects of SEO.