Discussion with Hank Barnes about Trust, ethics, and enterprise sales

Video Transcript: Trust, Ethics, and Enterprise Sales

Is vendor’s aren’t considering the role of trust in their sales and marketing activities, I think they are going to be in a lot of trouble over time. It’s just so fundamental to what we are seeing from buyers, that a failure to have trust and ethics be part of their core and essence it’s going to put them in a bad place over time.

And this is particularly true for emerging vendor’s where there isn’t a whole load of brand awareness. Right, will often make claims and it’s tricky because we may not have a whole lot of customers, but we can tell stories that link to the reason why we created the product, and that’s where we can start to build authenticity and build trust into the equation.

But if I ignore trust and if I say you know, I’m just going to go after everyone, that’s going to be a path where buyers again they default to ‘prove it to me before I believe you.’