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About CXOTalk

CXOTalk presents conversations with CXO-level business leaders on managing disruptive change, enterprise AI, and the digital economy. Our host, Michael Krigsman, creates a warm, friendly environment that puts our guests at ease and connects them with an intelligent and sophisticated audience.

CXOTalk started as a labor of love in 2013 by Michael Krigsman and Vala Afshar. At that time, Michael provided advisory consulting on marketing, messaging, and positioning to enterprise software companies such as SAP and Microsoft, while Vala was Chief Marketing Officer at a major technology company. Eventually, Michael stopped consulting to focus full-time on CXOTalk and Vala joined Salesforce as Chief Digital Evangelist. 

Our guests include innovative C-level executives from well-known brands and the largest companies in the world. We're passionate about highlighting the latest trends and strategies that can help businesses succeed in today's fast-paced environment.

CXOTalk started as a labor of love in 2013. From the start, CXOTalk has provided in-depth, educational, and thought leadership conversations of the highest quality. We remain dedicated to providing valuable content and fostering meaningful connections between our guests and audience.

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About Michael Krigsman

Michael has created almost 1,000 video interviews on leadership and digital transformation. He has also written over 1,000 pieces on these topics. Michael’s work has been referenced in the media over 1,000 times and in over 50 books. For three decades, he has advised enterprise technology companies on market strategy.

About Lisbeth Shaw

Lisbeth is co-founder of Cambridge Publications, Inc,.the parent of CXOTalk. Over her long and distinguished career, Lisbeth has collaborated closely with dozens of Fortune 500 companies. Earlier in her career, Lisbeth worked as an electronics engineer on wafer-handling systems. She is responsible for CXOTalk's social media strategy and execution.