CXOTalk went live in March 2013 with the mission of sharing inside stories from the world’s most innovative business and technology leaders. What started as a labor of love has evolved into a self-sustaining company with one of the largest libraries of in-depth, executive interviews on video available anywhere.

Our focus is great content based on substance rather than sound bites. Because we prioritize quality over page views, there is no banner advertising anywhere on the site.

Our videos and podcast are distributed on YouTube, ZDNet, Enterprise Irregulars, iTunes, Spreaker, Spotify, I Heart Radio, Google Play Music, and other sites.

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Powerful Discussions

CXOTalk presents video interviews with business, technology, and healthcare leaders on transformation and the impact of digital. Topics include AI, data science, digital transformation, and evolving business models.

As an example, the following photo was taken from the episode titled, "Women in Tech: Four Female Senior Executives."

CXOTalk Powerful Conversations

Veteran Industry Analyst Michael Krigsman is respected internationally and has interviewed close to 500 senior executives on these crucial issues.

The image below shows a handful of the many topics we have explored on recent episodes of CXOTalk.

Example CXOTalk Topics

Powerful Guests

We interview top executives from the world's largest organizations and most well-known brands. Here are just a few of the brands that have appeared on CXOTalk.


Our Core Values

Everything we do reflects these values:

  • Trust. The most prestigious brands and executives trust us with their reputations. Earning your trust is our most sacred responsibility.
  • Simplicity. We make it easy, from concept to completion.
  • Experience. CXOTalk has presented over 600 conversations with senior executives. Michael Krigsman is one of the most well-connected and respected executive interviewers in the world.