About the Guest Selection Process

CXOTalk guests are the most innovative business and technology leaders in the world. We welcome your submissions and carefully review every single proposal.

Although being a guest on CXOTalk is highly competitive, the Guest Selection Criteria listed below will help you understand how we evaluate nominations.

Nominate a CXOTalk guest

Given the competition to be on the show, reading the Guest Selection Criteria thoroughly before applying will increase your chances of success.

We welcome suggestions from PR folks, agencies, literary agents, in-house corporate communications teams, and everyone else. You can also nominate yourself!

CXOTalk episodes are merit-based and there is no charge to appear on the show or to propose guests. 

Guest Selection Criteria

We consider these four questions when choosing guests to interview on the show:

1. Is the guest a C-level exec from a large organization or well-known brand? We prefer large organizations, but do sometimes interview startup CEOs who are genuinely changing the world or introducing powerful, new ideas. However, for startups, we want to see that real customers have validated your approach.

2. Is the guest doing something profoundly sexy, interesting, or important? For example, AI algorithms that may cure cancer are vital and fascinating. But you need to demonstrate that it works; ideas are crucial, but we want to see execution as well.

3. Is the guest a business practitioner and thought leader? We strongly favor enterprise buyers over technology vendors and service providers. Academics and authors are also welcome but we receive many requests so please be aware there is a lot of competition for space on the show.

4. Can the guest attract an audience? We seek guests with the interest and ability to help us promote their episode.

Complete the Form Below to Nominate a Guest

Before recommending someone to participate on the CXOTalk show, please read the guest selection criteria. Although we welcome all submissions, we receive many pitches from potential guests.

We will respond quickly only to potential guests who meet the selection criteria listed on this page.