Tech Vision 2016: Time to Re-Learn

Chris Miller

Chief Technology Officer



As we experience the greatest shift in human productivity since the First Industrial Revolution – one that demands speed, agility and innovation – businesses must relearn much of what they know in order to succeed in the digital economy. Why? Because the pace of change will never be slower than it is today. As counterintuitive as that sounds, the nature of technology is such that if you haven’t started on your path today, you will already be further behind tomorrow.

For Avanade’s Technology Vision 2016, we have identified the following themes that are instrumental in fostering this transformation as you rewire your organization:

  • Mind the ethical fault line: Building trust in a digital world
  • Embrace the digital mesh: Leveraging the power of borderless platforms
  • Data is dead: Long live data currency
  • Be the maestro: Orchestrating an augmented workforce


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Presented By: Avanade

Mar 25, 2016