Anurag Harsh, Global Chief Data Officer, LafargeHolcim

Anurag Harsh, LafargeHolcim

Global Chief Data Officer
Digital media and publishing is a tough industry, with changing business models and competition from large and ...
Global Chief Data Officer, LafargeHolcim
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Anurag Harsh is the Global Chief Data Officer for the $26 Billion LafargeHolcim Group, the world’s largest building materials and solutions company. His goal is to have a measurable impact on reducing the carbon footprint of the planet. Instead of moving 100 people to Mars in the next 20 years Anurag prefers to work on initiatives that provide infrastructure for over 2 billion people moving into urban settings on Earth.

He is spearheading a data-centric Industry 4.0 operational footprint across LafargeHolcim’s 2300 plants in 80 countries to boost commercial effectiveness, optimize logistics and supply chain, increase manufacturing efficiency (“Plants of Tomorrow”), optimize the use of alternative fuels, and reduce carbon emissions using machine learning, IoT, robotics, AI and data science.

Concrete is the most widely used substance on Earth after water. LafargeHolcim fuels the planet's largest infrastructure projects such as the World Trade Center in New York, the Giants Stadium and Tappan Zee Bridge in New Jersey, CityLife in Italy - one of the largest urban redevelopment projects in Europe, the metro-subway in New Delhi, and the Grand Paris Express, the largest transport infrastructure project in Europe. A published author of 7 business books Anurag graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Wharton School with an MBA and MS.

Previously Worked

Co-Founder, Ziff Davis
Chief Marketing Officer, IPsoft

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Anurag Harsh, Global Chief Data Officer, LafargeHolcim
Anurag Harsh
Global Chief Data Officer

Former Co-Founder at Ziff Davis
Former Chief Marketing Officer at IPsoft