Brian Lillie, Equinix


Brian Lillie Biography

Brian Lillie is a Senior Executive with 25 years experience leading functionally diverse teams in challenging private and public sector environments -- examples of these teams and environments are provided below:

  • Currently leading the Global Information Technology function for Equinix, including Global Software Development for products and the Global Solution Architecture function
  • Led the Global Sales Operations function for VeriSign
  • Led VeriSign's Executive PMO reporting to the CEO charged with the task of reorganizing the company from a divisional structure to a functional structure
  • Led Global IT/MIS team at VeriSign charged with integrating over 50 acquisitions
  • Led Global ERP team at SGI (30 countries, two factories, multi-function)
  • Led multi-national EMEA IT infrastructure team for SGI; lived in Switzerland for 2 years
  • Led large networking organization for SGI; built all network, voice and video infrastructure for what is now the "Google-plex"
  • Served 8+ years in the United States Air Force in various roles including command of a large, classified IT organization and project officer and operational roles on various classified satellite programs

** Interested in senior leadership roles (Sales, IT) in progressive companies in either the technology or renewable energy sectors


  • Enterprise-wide Reorganizations (strategy and execution)
  • Acquisition Integrations and Divestitures (operational experience)
  • Design, Development and Operation of a Global Sales Organization (sales ops perspective)
  • Developing Business-IT Governance Constructs
  • Developing Busines-focused Global IT Strategy
  • Leading Global ERP Implementations