Brian Rasmussen, Oracle

Group Vice President, Cloud Engineering

Brian Rasmussen Biography

Brian Rasmussen is Oracle’s Group Vice President leading Oracle’s Cloud Engineering and Innovation Hubs in Reston VA, Austin TX, Burlington MA, Santa Monica CA and Bangalore India. Brian has been at Oracle for 15 years, and prior to leading the Cloud Innovation and Engineering Hubs, he served as VP of Enterprise Cloud Architects.

Before joining Oracle, Brian led the development of CRM SaaS applications, as well as custom SaaS applications for the travel industry with international teams based in the USA, China and India. He also co-founded a Robotic Process Automation company in Shanghai, China and is fluent in Mandarin.

Brian has a Master’s degree in Applied Science and Computer Information Systems from the University of Denver and has studied executive management at Berkley’s Haas Business School, as well as Oracle's Advanced Executive Insight (AEI) executive education program at the IESE University in Barcelona, Spain. Besides keeping up with Cloud innovation, his interests and hobbies include hiking/camping in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, as well as Quantum Physics and Quantum Computing.