Brian Sommer, Vital Analysis


Brian Sommer Biography

Brian Sommer founded Vital Analysis in 2007 based on the market success that accompanied his TechVentive, Inc. launch several years earlier. Brian closely follows what C-level executives think, feel and need. He is also in a unique position to diagnosis the winners and the losers in technology as he was the longest running (10 years) and most senior director of Andersen Consulting’s (now Accenture’s) global Software Intelligence unit. This position required him to pick the best possible software solutions for hundreds of clients globally.

Brian promoted Accenture’s practice as a speaker at dozens of prominent vendors’ user conferences – a keynote speaker for many of them (e.g., PeopleSoft, Dun & Bradstreet, Coda, Lawson and many more). Lastly, but most importantly, Brian orchestrated the relationships between Accenture and PeopleSoft, Adaytum and dozens of other ERP vendors globally.

Recently, Brian has written software and outsourcing buyer guides for the strategic sourcing and HR-Business Processing Outsourcing markets. He co-wrote a major e-sourcing buyers guide for another technology research firm. Mr. Sommer has also developed extensive reviews of project portfolio management software, professional services automation and supplier relationship management software.

Mr. Sommer has bylined or contributed to numerous national periodicals such as Optimize, Wall Street Journal Europe, Computerworld, Information Week, CIO, CFO, Business Finance, Computers & Finance and others. He has been widely quoted in North American publications and has also been quoted in French, English, Japanese, Canadian and other newspapers and magazines.

Brian has presented software topics at many major universities (e.g., Harvard Graduate School of Business, Wharton School of Business, Georgia State, Arizona State, etc.), institutional investor conferences (e.g., Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse First Boston) and other forums. Mr. Sommer has been on the steering committee for the University of Texas Information Impact Management program. Brian has served on the editorial advisory board for and TheReview of Accounting Information Systems.

Mr. Sommer has a BBA and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.