Brian Swenson, HNTB Corporation

Chief Process Officer

Brian Swenson Biography

Brian currently serves as Chief Process Officer and as Business Lead for HNTB’s sales, financials and project management modernization initiative known as “Centric”. In these roles, Brian is responsible for delivering a new enterprise solution that replaces 50+ legacy custom built applications. Additionally, Brian is responsible to assess, refine and/or create new processes to support HNTB’s primary business processes in sales, contacting and delivery.

Brian joined HNTB in 1985. Over his 30 year career with HNTB, Brian has focused on pursuing, winning and delivering work for public sector clients. His broad sales and project management experience allows him to discover what clients truly value and to deliver solutions to them that meet and exceed their expectations.

Brian is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Platteville where he majored in Civil Engineering.