Chris Caldwell, Concentrix


Chris Caldwell Biography

Chris Caldwell, President of Concentrix Corporation, is a performance driven, insightful leader with a passion for encouraging innovation to transform business outcomes. Throughout his 25+ years of global business experience, Chris has driven businesses to higher than organic industry growth rates, disrupted traditional business models and run startups to large enterprises. Chris has initiated and led a multitude of merger and acquisition projects worldwide, has developed extensive knowledge in the global business services industry and mastered unrivaled understanding of diverse geographies and cultural importance globally. Chris’ passion, leadership, and expertise have resulted in Concentrix’ leading position in the marketplace in a very short period.

Chris joined SYNNEX when it purchased EMJ Data Systems where he was the Executive Vice President. He subsequently held several roles at SYNNEX including Vice President of Financial Operations for Canada and Vice President of Corporate Development where he was responsible for handling all M&A activity and integration globally before becoming the Senior Vice President of Global Business Services.

Chris led the acquisition of Concentrix for SYNNEX in 2006. As President, he has since grown Concentrix from 25 staff to more than 225,000 team members located around the world at 275 sites in 40 countries with an annual revenue of close to $4.7 billion. Chris has been recognized by peers, clients and the industry. He has won multiple awards for innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership including The Young Entrepreneur Award from Business Development Bank Canada at age 20 and the Top 40 Under 40 CEOs for Canada. In addition to the many accolades, Chris has served on numerous boards in a variety of global business service organizations including: HiChina Web Services, Digital Internet Group, Microland and SB Pacific.

Chris ensures that passion and innovation are pervasive throughout Concentrix and that each individual staff member strives to add value to Concentrix’ clients. Chris routinely recognizes and rewards staff for creativity and improving business outcomes.