Christine Comaford, Christine Comaford Associates

Author and Consultant

Christine Comaford Biography

Christine Comaford is a thought leader who helps mid-sized and Fortune 1000 companies navigate growth and change, an expert in human behavior and applied neurosci­ence, and the bestselling author of Rules for Renegades. Bill Gates calls her “super high bandwidth.” Bill Clinton has thanked her for “fostering American entrepreneurship.” Newsweek says, “By reputation, Christine is the person you want to partner with.”

Christine Comaford specialize in rapid growth and turnaround scenarios, using neuroscience & business strategy to help clients double revenue and profit, streamline teams for maximum effectiveness & help companies reach peak business performance.

She has built and sold five of her own companies (for over 700% ROI) and helped 50 CEOs grow and sell their companies for up to $425 million.