Danielle Crop, Albertsons

SVP and Chief Data Officer

Danielle Crop Biography

Danielle Crop is the Senior Vice President and Chief Data Officer at Albertsons and is responsible for building and executing a world-class central data strategy that delivers benefits for the customer regardless of whether they shop in store or on the company’s digital platforms. Her work uses machine learning and advanced data science capabilities to enhance performance across Albertson’s businesses and markets.

Prior to Albertsons, as Chief Data Officer for American Express, Danielle was responsible for realizing the potential of American Express data assets to create the world’s best customer experience. She built upon the data-driven success of American Express and furthered the company’s focus on data strategy, management, and governance across the Enterprise. In this role, she led multidisciplinary and globally dispersed teams that were responsible for the data products, platforms that create, manage, govern, store, and share American Express data assets. This includes big data, AI/ML and core analytics platforms, digital and data platforms and frameworks, system of record for customer relationships (C360), APIs for Third Party Integrations, AMEX for Developers portal, and products that support customer experiences and regulatory requirements (i.e. Open Banking, Privacy).

Throughout Danielle’s career she has held a series of multi-market roles within the areas of fraud risk management, merchant and cardmember demographics, payment and network data, and global digital products for new cardmember acquisition. Danielle has a strong background in analytics, data management, modeling, digital experimentation, as well as scaled agile digital transformation and product management.

Danielle holds both a Bachelor of Applied Science in Quantitative Terrestrial Ecology and a Master of Science in Statistics from Oregon State University.