David Cantu, Redapt

Co-Founder and COO

David Cantu Biography

David Cantu is responsible for managing multiple aspects of Redapt, Inc. His years of experience with enterprise information technology, business operations and executive leadership are a cornerstone of the company’s success.

As the Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of Redapt, David Cantu is a key contributor to his company vision, business strategy, product development, marketing approach and global operations. He is especially proud of the collaborative and results oriented culture they’ve built and maintained through 20 years of tremendous growth and success.

Redapt offers information technology and system integration services to many of the worlds most recognizable public cloud, SaaS, mobile gaming and fortune 1000 organizations. Their integration service simplifies global large-scale data center infrastructure deployments, delivering turn-key compute, storage and network capacity. Engineering services also assist their clients with automating application deployments and optimizing development cycles.