David Hoffman

Documentary Filmmaker

David Hoffman Biography

David Hoffman practices a simple but profound idea. He says” it's not what you say that your audience hears. Your audience hears a combination of what you say and what they already think/feel. Therefore to communicate effectively, you must deeply understand the target audiences who you are trying to reach.”

David Hoffman is an 8-­‐time Emmy Award winner & Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Foundation Fellow who has consulted to executives on audience engagement at more than a dozen Fortune 100 companies including AT&T, GE, Google, Verizon Wireless, United Technologies, Merck, Amazon & Sony. His start-­‐up clients include Mesosphere, Yerdle, Cherokee Uniforms, Liquid Robotics & TEDMED. He has worked directly with leading entrepreneurs including Jay Walker, Jeff Bezos & Megan Smith.

Hoffman has recently been Executive Producer of LabTV, a Jay Walker (Priceline founder) media startup where Hoffman’s team produced over 1,000 videos on medical science that captured over 13 million views on YouTube in just 9 months.

Hoffman is a TED conference veteran who has presented at the conference on two occasions. Hoffman is also a documentary filmmaker with more than 150 national TV shows and 10 CLIO advertising awards to his credit.

Hoffman is CEO of Varied Directions international, a special agency that works with companies of all sizes to find credible/authentic ways to engage audiences, these days largely using YouTube and Facebook Sponsored Posts. His top-­‐of-­‐the-­‐ line includes Steve Block–25 years SVP of advertising at AT&T and Charlie Miesmer–chief writer for 15 years at BBDO.