John Halamka, President, Mayo Clinic Platform, Mayo Clinic

Dr. John Halamka, Mayo Clinic

President, Mayo Clinic Platform


John Halamka, M.D., is the president of Mayo Clinic Platform. In his new role at Mayo Clinic, Dr. Halamka oversees the future direction of the Mayo Clinic Platform that will help establish Mayo Clinic as a global leader in digital healthcare.

Prior to the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Halamka served as the executive director of the Health Technology Exploration Center for Beth Israel Lahey Health in Massachusetts. During his tenure at Beth Israel Lahey Health, Dr. Halamka oversaw digital health relationships with industry, academia, and government worldwide. Previously, he was chief information officer at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for more than 20 years. In his role at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Dr. Halamka was responsible for all clinical, financial, administrative and academic IT.

As a Harvard Medical School professor, he served the George W. Bush administration, the Obama administration and governments around the world planning their health care information (IT) strategies. In addition, he also was the International Healthcare Innovation Professor at Harvard Medical School. He remains chairman of New England Healthcare Exchange Network Inc. and is a practicing emergency medicine physician. Dr. Halamka has written a dozen books about technology-related issues, hundreds of articles and thousands of posts on the Geekdoctor blog.

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CIO, Harvard Medical School

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John Halamka, CIO, Harvard Medical School

John D. Halamka, MD, MS is Chief Information Officer of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Chief Information Officer and Dean for Technology at Harvard Medical School, and a practicing Emergency Physician.
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