Fredrik Bruhn, Unibap


Fredrik Bruhn Biography

Fredrik Bruhn is currently CEO and CTO of the applied science think tank Bruhnspace AB. He is also a director and CEO of Unibap AB and adjunct professor in robotics and avionics at the school of innovation, design, and engineering, division of intelligent future technologies at Mälardalens University (MDH). Fredrik has co-started the group Mälardalen Aerospace and Robotics Center at MDH and is pursuing research on miniaturized safety critical heterogeneous computing platforms for intelligent data analysis using artificial intelligence. The research combines dependable software, real-time, multi-core (CPU/GPU/FPGA) software engineering, and robust electronics design.

He is co-founder of several academic spin-off companies and has previously served as CEO and senior business developer. He has been lead engineer for the low-voltage Space Plug-and-Play (SPA) standardization and spacecraft implementation in collaboration with US Air Force Research Laboratory and NASA Ames Research Center. Among his other accomplishments, he has designed an extremely miniaturized submersible robotic craft for the sub-surface exploration of Europa, a moon of Jupiter. He has also designed and built a miniaturized spherical rover for long-range traverse of planetary surfaces. In addition he has got two NASA technology innovation awards for his work at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

He holds a Ph.D. in micro systems technologies for space applications and a M.Sc. in atomic and molecular physics from Uppsala University.