Greg Stuart, MMA Global


Greg Stuart Biography

Greg Stuart is the CEO of MMA Global, the leading industry-body focused on architecting the future of marketing for CMOs. Over the past 10+ years, Greg has transformed the once-insolvent nonprofit association, attracting major CMOs and media/tech company leaders to lock arms to raise the stature & gravitas of marketers and the CMO role.

Greg and team have grown the organization’s revenues 5x, energized its 800+ member companies globally, and there are now nearly 100 MMA team members in 15 countries.  The MMA’s Boards include over 55+ CMOs from AT&T, Uber, Walmart, Campbells, RB, GM, and CVS plus senior execs from Facebook, Google, Twitter, SNAP, and many more.

For over three decades in marketing, Greg has contributed majorly to the transformation of marketing and media. He has served as CMO, CRO, or CEO at companies across the media landscape, such as Y&R, Sony Online Ventures,, and Flycast Ad Network. He also turned around the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), which now has a presence in nearly 50 countries. Prior to the MMA, Greg invested in and advised CEOs of two dozen venture-backed businesses, which have transacted for over $5.5 billion to date.

Greg has always been out front in leading marketing to make it better and as an early leader in technologies application to marketing businesses (he wrote a billing & tracking for an agency as early as 1990), leading internet at Y&R in 1994, and focus on Mobile in 2010, and more.

Over his career, Greg has led a number of transformational marketing standards and industry initiatives:

  • Led global effort to establish the internet ad industry's underlying measurement standard, which resulted in the first-ever advertising industry’s census-based measure of actual ad delivery versus the to-date 'content' measures via sampling, as occurs in TV, print, and radio.  That first-ever Global Internet Impression Measurement guideline (now known as Viewability) was released via WSJ Nov '04. This effort succeeded where five other previous industry efforts to fix measurement had failed.
  • Led industry acceptance and funding support with genius research inventor Rex Briggs in creating Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) measurement. Raised $7M for public studies via 24+brand including Ford, McDonald's, Unilever, Colgate, etc. 
  • Collaborated with Dr. Omar Rodriquez (Emory) and others in defining Modern Marketing Organization frameworks, which are proven to align marketing org decisions to company financial performance.  This work was featured in HBR in late-2020.
  • Also supported neuroscience research on cognition in 2018, created the first set of digital Ad Unit standards in 2003 that went from 5% to 80% of all ads, supported a new growth-oriented planning framework in 2020 that is 50% to +100% better than decades-old approach, and much more.

Greg has been a keynote speaker in 20+ countries, is a member of the National Speakers Association, as well as the co-author of “What Sticks: Why Most Advertising Fails and How to Guarantee Yours Succeeds,” which was recognized by AdAge as the No. 1 book of the “10 books you should have read”.

Industry authorities have awarded Greg for his work as a pioneer in emerging media. In 2006, AdAge selected Greg as part of the “10 Who Made Their Mark” alongside Jay-Z and Chad Hurley (YouTube) and he is a regular contributor to leading publications for his views on the future of marketing.