Joel Worrall, Cure International

Chief Technology Officer

Joel Worrall Biography

As the Chief Technology Officer, Joel leads CURE’s technology, marketing, creative, and CUREkids.

Since 1999, he has been working with Internet-based technology – delivering, supporting, and selling software solutions as an architect, executive, and consultant. At CURE, Joel and his team are working with open platforms and open source communities to pioneer ways for software and technology business principles and tools to influence the way charitable work is both conducted and supported.

Joel is the primary architect of CURE’s CUREkids platform and serves as the product manager for HospitalRun, an open source project led by CURE International to provide an offline-enabled, freely available medical records and hospital information platform for health care facilities in the developing world.

Joel holds a bachelor’s in computer science from Messiah College and a Master’s of Religion in Old Testament from Evangelical Theological Seminary.