John Gallant, IDG Media US

Chief Content Officer

John Gallant Biography

John Gallant brings more than 25 years’ of editorial and technology experience to his role as Senior Vice President and Chief Content Officer of IDG Enterprise. In this role, Gallant oversees the editorial leadership at CIO, CSO, Computerworld, InfoWorld, ITworld, Network World and The Industry Standard to set content strategy and ensure that the brands continue to serve their respective audiences with the best products and services in the industry. Gallant also helps drive IDG Enterprise's strategic efforts like social media and social media marketing.

Gallant, one of Network World’s founders, was formerly president and editorial director for the company, where he guided content and business development for online, as well as Network World’s seminars and events programs. Gallant is highly visible in the marketplace and frequently speaks at industry conferences. He has been named by Technology Marketing magazine as one of the most influential people in computer journalism, and was cited as one of the “most visionary editors-in-chief” by Press Access. Gallant was also cited as Best Conference Host by Conferenza for his role as Executive Producer for the Vortex conference. Gallant’s expertise in covering the technology industry has been tapped by top-tier television media outlets, including CNN, CNNfn, CNBC, NPR, and Bloomberg. He often hosts roundtable discussions on technology and other topics for a wide variety of organizations, including leading vendors, I.T. buyers and industry associations. Gallant also co-chairs the executive committee of the Boston College Technology Council and is the chair of the Metrowest Red Cross Industry Council.