Katrina Gosek, Oracle

Sr. Director of Digital Customer Strategy

Katrina Gosek Biography

For the last decade, Katrina has focused on partnering with B2C and B2B online businesses of all sizes, industries, and geographies – from Top 500 companies to boutique vendors - navigating some of the most significant industry shakeups digital professionals have faced in recent memory. The digital and ecommerce space have put her on teams and given Katrina opportunities that continually force her to strive to find her limits and then go beyond them to develop and understand the best product strategy for her customers - and the best market strategy for her business.

At Oracle, she leads a tightly knit, ridiculously productive Product & Market Strategy team within the Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud Product development group. Her team wears many hats, works across and influence many groups, are insatiable content creators, have a burning love for data, and are blazing new trails within the organization every day. More broadly, we tell compelling stories about Oracle's entire product suite that takes consumers and B2B buyers through modern journeys in all of today's digital touchpoints.