Lisa Dughi, NAF

Chief Operating Officer

Lisa Dughi Biography

Lisa is the Chief Operating Officer at NAF, a national network of education, business, and community leaders who work together to ensure that traditionally underserved high school students are college, career, and future ready. She oversees the Marketing & Communications, Strategy, Policy, Finance, Research & Evaluation, Information Technology, Human Resources, and Administration functions responsible for supporting a network of nearly 650 college preparatory, career-themed academies serving over 100,000 students in 36 states, including DC and the US Virgin Islands. She is also a member of NAF’s Executive Team and works closely with NAF’s Board of Directors.

Lisa came to NAF as a consultant in 2012 to provide leadership around the use of analytics to support outreach and engagement efforts across multiple sectors by working cross-functionally to integrate data into NAF branding and messaging to support the organization’s growth plan. She then became the Vice President of Marketing & Communications and led a full rebranding of the national organization. In addition, she was responsible for planning, executing, delivering, and evaluating all aspects of marketing and communications. She led all marketing, messaging, and branding efforts and initiatives for the organization, was responsible for the development and implementation of strategic communications and media plans and materials that elevate NAF’s mission and programs.

Before joining NAF, Lisa was a management consultant, with projects spanning a range of industries and functions focused on the development of strategic programs, analyses, and marketing strategies aimed at increasing engagement with corporations’ customers. She helped shape corporate, partnership, and marketing strategies with a primary focus on the retail and hospitality & tourism industries from various perspectives across organizations. Prior to that, she held management positions at American Express and Chanel, giving her a great deal of experience in implementing strategies, quantifying results and affecting change within organizations, large and small.

Lisa graduated from Cornell University with a BS in Policy Analysis and Management and received her MBA in Marketing & Operations Management and Strategic Management from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She sits on the Board of Directors of Science for Sick Dayz and is a member of the Cornell Alumni Athletic Association, Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network, and Wharton Women in Business.