Mark Fidelman, CEO, Fanatics Media

Mark Fidelman, Fanatics Media

Chief Executive Officer
Corporate marketers today must understand how to create and promote video. Our show this week brings together ...
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Chief Executive Officer, Fanatics Media
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Mark Fidelman is the CEO for Fanatics Media, a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency with a focus on B2B and B2C Influencer marketing. Mark has been named a 2016 Top 20 influencer of CMOs by Forbes Magazine, a Top 25 Social Media Keynote Speaker by Inc Magazine, and a Huffington Post Top 50 Most Social CEO. Mark writes the Socialized and Mobilized Columnist on Forbes and is the author of the book SOCIALIZED! He also hosts a popular marketing YouTube channel at

His experience includes more than two decades of technology sales, marketing and customer experience with organizations including A.T. Kearney, EDS (now HP), CT Space and Autodesk. Mark draws upon his experience as a Chief Marketing and Sales Strategist where he has led numerous strategic initiatives and programs while working in partnership with companies like Oracle, Microsoft and IBM.

His latest book, Socialized! is regarded as the playbook for building a social business. Fidelman uses his own experience plus interviews from hundreds of executives to create a highly acclaimed book considered by many to be required reading for their organizations. The book has been endorsed by top executives at IBM, Microsoft, and SAP.

Mark is a globally recognized thought leader on the subject of Social Business, Mobile Business and Mobile Social Networks. He’s interviewed hundreds of Global 3000 CXOs and speaks and writes regularly about how they are impacting today’s business.

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Managing Director, Evolve!

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Influencer Marketing with Video

Corporate marketers today must understand how to create and promote video. Our show this week brings together a documentary filmmaker with a top influencer marketing expert to explore the new world of video content.

Mark Fidelman, Managing Director, Evolve!

Mark Fidelman is the Managing Director and CEO at Evolve! Capital, Inc. In addition, Mark is a Columnist and Contributor at and is the author of "SOCIALIZED! The Adaptive Enterprise".
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Mark Fidelman, CEO, Fanatics Media
Mark Fidelman
Chief Executive Officer
Fanatics Media

Former Managing Director at Evolve!