Mark Fidelman is the Managing Director and CEO at Evolve! Capital, Inc. In addition, Mark is a Columnist and Contributor at, and is the author of "SOCIALIZED! The Adaptive Enterprise".

Mark applies both his Fortune 500 and start-up expertise in revenue generation, marketing and business strategy to produce the highest possible ROI at the lowest cost basis.

Mark is a recognized expert in creating sales and marketing machines leveraging his experience with Freemium and Open Source business models. He has worked in the software and technology space for over 20 years with organizations such as A.T. Kearney, EDS, CT Space, and Autodesk.

Mark is considered to be an influential leader the subject of Social Business, Cloud/SaaS and Mobile Social Networks and has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Techcrunch, and ReadWriteWeb. Mark has been regular contributing writer at Business Insider, Technorati,, CloudAve, SeekingAlpha, Internet Evolution and SeekOmega.

Mark was a Section 16 Corporate Officer for a publicly traded company and is well acquainted with how large and small companies operate. Mark is known for his industry public speaking and keynote presentations some of which can be found on

Specialties: Enterprise Sales & Marketing, Social Media, Strategic Sourcing, Social Sales, Social Marketing, Social CMO, New Media, Inbound Marketing, Social Strategy, Writing, Presentations, Social Sales and Marketing, Inside Sales machines, Inside Sales Methodologies, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Games