Michael DePalma, IQVIA

Vice President, Digital Transformation

Michael DePalma Biography

Michael DePalma joined QuintilesIMS on May 8th 2017 as Vice President, Digital Transformation, within the Digital Office of the Technology Solutions GBU. Michael’s initial focus in on the development of a global partner ecosystem to support the impending OCE launch, as well as all subsequent market offerings for QIMS.

Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and life sciences experience to the organization, having entered the Life Science space with Clark O’Neill (then an IMS company) in 1999, then serving as an IT director. Over the next 18 years, Michael has held progressive roles across many of the verticals within life sciences, all focused in technology, including Clinical/eClinical, sampling and supply chain, clinical drug safety and pharmacovigilance, product launch, sales enablement, CRM and other sales/marketing related technologies, and more.

Most recently prior to joining QuintilesIMS, Michael was EVP, Innovation, then President of M3 Health, a small digital agency which under Michael’s vision and leadership, pivoted to become a technology company serving the Pharma sales/learning verticals through the iDash Digital Ecosystem, thereby increasing revenues fourfold in an 18 month period.

Michael holds a BS in Biology with a concentration in Neurobiology and Bio-psychology, and holds a US Patent in Sampling processes. Michael is also a TEDx speaker and organizer, having given a TEDx talk on the future of digital Health in 2014. Michael is the co-founder of The Human API and BrainfoodTV.com, as well as an advisor to numerous organizations, including WeFund Health, Real World Academy, and Sustainable Morristown.