Mike Fauscette, Chief Research Officer, G2 Crowd

Mike Fauscette, G2 Crowd

Chief Research Officer
What is Oracle, and how have its database management software products led to digital transformation in cloud ...
Chief Research Officer, G2 Crowd
Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester
Research Director, MWD Advisors
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Michael Fauscette is the chief research officer at G2 Crowd, a platform and community where people can connect and share experiences about business software. Prior to joining G2 Crowd, Mr. Fauscette spent ten years as an executive and senior analysts at technology market research firm IDC, where he led worldwide business software research. He also held senior / executive roles with seven software vendors including Autodesk, Inc., PeopleSoft, Inc. and MRO, Inc. Mr. Fauscette is a published author, blogger, photographer and accomplished public speaker on emerging trends in business software, business modernization and customer experience strategies.

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Group VP, IDC

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Oracle in Focus: The Industry Analysts’ View

What is Oracle, and how have its database management software products led to digital transformation in cloud technology and big data? Three prominent analysts – Mike Fauscette, chief research officer at G2 Crowd; Liz Forrester, vice president and primary analyst at Forrester; and Neil Ward-Dutton, co-founder and research director at MDW Advisors – talk with CXOTalk about Oracle in focus.

Oracle in Focus: Enterprise Apps and Infrastructure

During the recent OpenWorld 2016, Oracle announced a variety of products and initiatives designed to deepen its commitment to the cloud. Given Oracle's size and scope, examining the company's market position and products demands nuance and analysis. For this episode, we bring together three top industry analysts to examine Oracle and its market position. All three of today's participants, including host Michael Krigsman, are members of the prestigious Enterprise Irregulars group.

Competitive Advantage: It’s Not Just About the Technology, It’s About the Frame of Reference

Creating the right environment to connect with customers, employees and partners is not just about doing the same thing we have always done. If we do more of the same thing we don’t have the right frame of reference. The Business Modernization framework is a way to look at all aspects of the business and identify what the new way to operate should be, identify the technology that can enable that, then identify the culture shifts and the change that needs to happen to enable the business to be effective in today's environment.

Culture and Innovation

Everybody’s talking about innovation these days. Every one says "My company is innovative." But how innovative can you be if your culture doesn’t support it?

Does Innovation happen Top-Down or Bottom-Up?

The ability for companies to be innovative involves both the top and the rest of the organization.

CEO as Chief Innovation Officer

CEOs, does your company have the organization and structures that will lead to business outcomes called for in your strategic plan?

Why is Good Customer Service So Difficult?

What companies are facing today in trying to meet customer expectations.

Social Business and Digital Strategy

Here are 5 components of a new framework so companies can see areas where social and digital business make sense.

Proximity Marketing

Here’s a look at the proximity marketing industry, including examples of how various industries use it and how to ensure customers benefit.

A Step Towards Protecting Net Neutrality

Kudos go to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler for his proposal to reclassify ISPs as Common Carriers under Title II. This keeps the Internet an open platform.

Cloud Software and Business Modernization: Part One

Business modernization ties together changes to data, technology, people and process across six major areas. Part One focuses on PaaS and microservices.

Some Non-Predictions for 2015

A leading industry analyst gives his state-of-the-industry opinion on software, business and digital transformation.

Transforming Data into Action: Part Three

As with many other industries, the Internet has had an impact on the collection / aggregation and distribution of data. There are new markets and suppliers.

Transforming Data into Action: Part Two

"Small data" has an important role in making better business decisions. It’s about giving people the right data in the right context.

Transforming Data Into Action: Part One

Meeting customer expectations is hard, even in the era of big data and smart data. The problem is turning mountains of data into actionable information.

Cloud Software and Business Modernization Part Two: Customer Experience

Companies that exploit the new interaction models and channels created by the Internet will have a lot of opportunities. Here are some common data issues.

Mike Fauscette, Group VP, IDC

Mike Fauscette leads IDC’s Software Business Solutions Group which encompasses a variety of research areas into enterprise software and social business.software partner and alliance ecosystems, open source software, software vendor business models.
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Mike Fauscette, Chief Research Officer, G2 Crowd
Mike Fauscette
Chief Research Officer
G2 Crowd

Former Group VP at IDC