Oliver Bussmann, UBS AG

Former CIO and Group Managing Director

Oliver Bussmann Biography

As Group Chief Information Officer of UBS from June 2013 to March 2016 he successfully led a major IT transformation effort, instituted a new group-wide innovation framework and established UBS as a pioneer in the development of blockchain for use in financial services. Prior to joining UBS Oliver was Global Chief Information Officer at SAP for five years, where he also spearheaded significant technological transformation, including as an early champion of enterprise mobility, and was CIO for North America & Mexico at Allianz for nine years. Previous roles included executive positions at Deutsche Bank and IBM.

A highly effective change agent, Oliver has extensive experience at the intersection of financial services and technology – managing complex, large-scale digital transformation at global enterprises and working across cultures, continents and industries to achieve measurable results. His strengths lie in bringing people together throughout an organization to reach agreement on a desired future state, develop a plan to implement the change, deliver measurable outcomes and position firms as leaders in their industries.

Oliver is also known for his focus on innovation and has a proven track record as an early recognizer of megatrends that drive change on the business model level. Over the course of his career he has learned not only how to spot these changes but also how to orchestrate innovation in an enterprise in a process-driven yet efficient and creative way.

Oliver is known for his astute use and championing of social media as an essential organizational communications tool. He is a strong believer in extreme transparency, collaboration and the importance of working in networks, and has introduced social media tools in enterprises as effective ways to foster communication, knowledge-sharing and creativity.