QuHarrison Terry, Mark Cuban Companies

Head of Growth Marketing

QuHarrison Terry Biography

QuHarrison Terry is head of growth marketing at Mark Cuban Companies, Texas venture capital firm, where he advises and assists portfolio companies with their marketing strategies and objectives.

Previously, he led marketing at Redox, focusing on lead acquisition, new user experience, events, and content marketing. QuHarrison has been featured on CNN, Harvard Business Review, WIRED, Forbes and is the co-host of CNBC’s Primetime Series – No Retreat: Business Bootcamp. As a speaker and moderator QuHarrison has presented at CES, TEDx, Techsylvania in Romania, Persol Holdings in Tokyo, SXSW in Austin, TX, and more. QuHarrison is a 4x recipient of Linkedin’s top voices in Technology award.

QuHarrison attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison.