Richie Etwaru, Chief Digital Officer, QuintilesIMS

Richie Etwaru, QuintilesIMS

Chief Digital Officer


Richie Etwaru is QuintilesIMS’s Chief Digital Officer, which is a role designed to help bridge the innovation and efficiency gap for healthcare stakeholders and life sciences customers using analytics and technology. He assumed this role in April 2015.

A frequent keynote speaker at leading tech-related events and forums, Richie casts a vision of a technologically-enabled healthcare system in the near future. He is also a serial entrepreneur who has started several companies, as well as an author and regular contributor to, and Huffington Post. Richie was a former Clinton Global Initiative delegate and currently serves as a board member for multiple not-for-profit organizations.

Richie earned his Bachelor degree in Management Information Systems from York College as well as his M.B.A. in Technology Management from University of Phoenix where he’s currently pursuing his PhD in Organizational Leadership.​

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Chief Digital Officer, IMS Health

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