Robert Tas, Vice President, McKinsey

Robert Tas, McKinsey & Company

Vice President
How is marketing changing? Robert Tas, vice president of McKinsey & Company, tells CXOTalk about digital ...
Vice President, McKinsey & Company
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Robert looks at the world from a digital point of view. From this starting point, he helps executives reimagine their operations and transform the customer experience their companies provide.

In his current advisory work, Robert helps financial-services companies reinvent marketing for a digital world. He has designed agile marketing organizations that can operate at a faster pace, using best-in-class marketing technology, including next-generation measurement systems. The goal is to digitally enable the entire customer decision journey.

For example, working with executives in consumer banking, asset management, and wealth management, Robert has helped set growth strategies that expand the customer base. By acquiring new customers and increasing customer value—getting the right products to the right customers with full personalization—these organizations optimize their marketing return on investment.

A sought-after thought leader, Robert has written and spoken on digital marketing for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Association of National Advertisers, the Mobile Marketing Association, The Conference Board, The CMO Club, and The Economist. In 2015, the AdClub and VentureBeat named him one of the Top 20 Growth CMOs in Greater Boston.

Before joining McKinsey, Robert was a driving force behind successful digital-marketing overhauls in competitive industries. As CMO at a leading software company, he radically restructured the company’s digital capabilities and product strategy, remaking marketing as a profit center. And as the head of digital marketing at a top-ten US bank, he orchestrated a full digital transformation, including initiatives in personalization, analytics, and paid media.

Robert is a former board member for the Ad Council and the Association of National Advertisers.

Previously Worked

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Pegasystems

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Robert Tas, Vice President, McKinsey
Robert Tas
Vice President
McKinsey & Company

Former Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Pegasystems