Ron van Kemenade, ING Bank

Chief Information Officer

Ron van Kemenade Biography

Ron van Kemenade is CIO ING Bank since March 2013. He is a senior technology executive with over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, as well as telecommunications and internet.

Over the past couple of years focus has gradually shifted from more commercial and operations roles towards information technology. Ron finds the influence that the (changes in) information technology can make on the customer experience of a company’s customers very motivating.

Ron is a strong believer in the Agile Manifesto and he has successfully transformed the IT organization of ING Netherlands from a hardly skilled, risk averse organization, into an organization that is able to work in an agile way, take responsibility for delivery and changing the organization driven by line management. Now moving towards Continuous Delivery by building DevOps teams.

He is now working to expand the DevOps model globally in ING and create one collaborative community out the respective local IT organizations in ING, thus gaining more agility by reusing locally created customer centric solutions and improving efficiency.