Todd Schofield, Standard Chartered Bank

Managing Director, SC Studios Innovation Ctr.

Todd Schofield Biography

As an Information Technology executive, Todd Schofield has significant experience in global IT management and international leadership roles. Having diligently worked his way up through the ranks of IT over many years, Todd brings practical and structured guidance, aligning the IT organization with the needs of the business units.

Beginning his IT career in the entry-level position of Junior Computer Operator working the overnight shift, Todd worked full-time at night every weekend while attending university full-time on the weekdays. Todd went on to manage technical teams, eventually leading a variety of IT functions, including support, administration, networking & telecommunications, security, operations, helpdesk and project management. Todd has been involved in many diverse enterprise IT initiatives, including major systems consolidation, offshoring, outsourcing, network rearchitecture, mobility and app development. Through a balanced-finance approach Todd has saved his employers millions of dollars in technology spending while increasing service quality.

Todd did his undergraduate work at UC Berkeley, earning a Bachelor’s degree. He also completed an Executive double-MBA program, earning an MBA from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and an MBA from NUS (National University of Singapore.)

Being extremely passionate about technology leadership, Todd consistently brings innovation and creativity to IT organizations.

Todd currently manages Mobility & Innovation for an MNC. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and four (yes, four) daughters.