CxOTalk Accenture CIO Summary

The world is constantly changing and IT and the business have to change with it. Think about your end customer, and employees! It’s going to be a new work in 10 yrs.


Aug 31, 2015

As business becomes increasingly digitally enabled, the pace of business accelerates. As the pace of business quickens, clients have more expectations. Listen to out-going CIO, Frank Modruson, and in-coming CIO Andrew Wilson discuss how IT focuses on transforming Accenture to propel the business into the future. IT at Accenture is a strategic partner to the business, working closely with LOBs and operations. In addition, IT pitches in to help the business maintain or further relations with clients by serving as a proof of concept and demonstration of core competence.

Published Date: Aug 31, 2015

Author: Michael Krigsman

Episode ID: 285