Organizational Responsibilities for Digital Change

Building links across departments and silos is an essential part of digital transformation.


Apr 22, 2016

To bring disruption successfully into an organization, it is important to make innovation and change a core part of the company's culture, operations, and activities. Building links across departments and silos is an essential part of digital transformation.


The most common advice I hear about organizational change is to take the people that are going to disrupt and put them off by themselves, off and create an outpost in Silicon Valley because after all that’s where all the change happens.

I find that this is actually not very practical advice in large organizations, because they may come up with creative ideas around change. But when you try to bring them back to the company, the organizational anti-bodies say, "Oh, you forgot to consider this case and that case."

And so therefore my advice is to make the change central for what everything you do. Make it part of what it is, endemic to your company, not a separate standalone division. And even take those that are most resistant to change and ask them to help create it. By centralizing disruption and not putting on the edge, you’re more likely to be successful.

Published Date: Apr 22, 2016

Author: Michael Krigsman

Episode ID: 329