Kim Stevenson is the Chief Information Officer at Intel. Previously, Kim was the Vice President of IT and the General Manager of Intel's worldwide infrastructure components.

Kim Stevenson believes nearly every business decision today is shaped by technology because it has the power to transform markets, relationships and processes. How companies deploy social, mobile, analytics, cloud and Internet of Things to drive growth and increase productivity is a fundamental theme for CIOs around the world.

Their industry is being disrupted, like most industries today. You can either be the disrupter or be disrupted by someone else. But staying still is not an option. Thus, at Intel, they place high value on innovation. Innovation is more than technology and often the business changes that accompany the technology are in fact the most disruptive to an organization.

In her current role as CIO of Intel Corporation, she ensure that with every major organizational change, they collaborate closely with their business units and focus all parties on the desired end state. Then back into the IT actions required to achieve that end state. They call this “possibility thinking” – starting with the end in mind.

The results of this close collaboration between the business and IT can be astonishing: In 2014, they deployed analytics software that increased sales efficiency and helped management teams make critical business decisions. In all, the implementations generated more than $350 million in revenue for Intel.