Digital Business Era: Security Implications

Lisa O'Conner

Managing Director - Security Practice



The Accenture Technology Vision 2015 outlines how leading businesses are stretching their boundaries in the digital era—and beginning to create the fabric connecting customers, services and devices through the Internet of Things. In the process, they are striving to disrupt and reshape entire markets. Most importantly, they are looking to collaborate in the “We Economy” to tackle global challenges that transcend business and industry borders.

Operating in this broad digital ecosystem promises great opportunity for the leaders of tomorrow.

It also brings new security implications that businesses need to address proactively in order to succeed. This year, Accenture found that security is a central tenet across all of the trends described in the Vision 2015. Specifically, security is a top priority to:

  • Protect connected Internet of Things edge devices that businesses use to deliver results in the Outcome Economy, while assuring data integrity to enable decision making at the edge.
  • Ensure businesses can ingest, process and generate insights from big, diverse data as they leverage digital platforms and share data through the Platform (R)evolution.
  • Transform into Intelligent Enterprises that rely on smart software (automation, machine learning and cognitive computing), and a collaborative model of humans and machines in a Workforce Reimagined.
  • Build customer trust as businesses deliver highly personalized products and targeted services in the Internet of Me era.

Since security is the foundation for these trends, we are focusing this year’s Security Implications of the Accenture Technology Vision on five themes that will help prepare businesses to stretch their digital boundaries:

  • Enabling Autonomous Devices at the Edge
  • Making Data-Driven Decisions at Internet of Things Scale
  • Securing the Three Vs (Volume, Variety and Velocity) of Big Data
  • Maximizing Protection across Digital Ecosystem Platforms
  • Building Customer Trust in a Digital Economy

I invite you to read the paper and contact Accenture to discuss innovative ways to secure the new digital ecosystem, expand the fabric of our connectedness, and enable a rich and trusted customer experience in our shared digital future.

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Accenture Digital Business Era: Security Implications

Presented By: Accenture Digital

Aug 26, 2015