The Era of Living Services

Mark Curtis

Fjord, Design and Innovation

Accenture Interactive


What are Living Services?

Living Services are the result of two powerful forces: the digitization of everything and ‘liquid’ consumer expectations.

Living Services respond by wrapping around us, constantly learning more about our needs, intents  and  preferences, so that they can flex and adapt to make themselves more relevant, engaging and useful. Consumers demand this now as the standards are being set by the best of breed across the entirety of their experiences, not restricted by sector—hence liquid expectations.

This is an incredibly exciting time, as we are on the cusp of the next major wave of transformative digital services. We are already seeing the integration of smart digital technology into many inanimate objects, devices and machines. Just like the previous two waves— the desktop Web in the 1990s and mobile in the 2000s—this will  be truly transformative for business and society alike. Some call it the ‘Internet of Things,’ but in our view this does not accurately describe the inherent benefits this age will bring and its key characteristics. We think this is the era of Living Services.

Over the next five years, sensors, the cloud, connected smart devices and realtime analytics will combine to deliver a new layer of connected intelligence that will revolutionize the ability of brands and organizations to offer interesting and increasingly indispensable digital services to consumers.

Living Services are highly sophisticated and able to constantly learn and evolve, almost as if they are alive. They will transform and improve the way we live, both by removing mundane tasks and offering services that surprise and delight us. By being physically close to us and wrapping themselves around the everyday things we do, Living Services will intuitively learn our habits, likes and dislikes and become tailored to our individual and changing needs. The result is digital services that are contextually aware and able to react in realtime to changes in the environment or our patterns of behavior—creating once unimaginable engaging experiences.

A defining characteristic of Living Services is that they will be designed around the needs of individuals, as opposed to generic services defined by an organization for  mass  consumption.

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Presented By: Accenture Digital

Aug 26, 2015