Michael Krigsman, CXOTalk


Michael Krigsman Biography

Michael Krigsman is a globally recognized analyst, strategic advisor, and industry commentator, known for his deep expertise in the fields of digital transformation, innovation, and leadership. He has presented at industry events around the world and written extensively on the reasons for IT failures. His work has been referenced in the media over 1,000 times and in more than 50 books and journal articles; his commentary on technology trends and business strategy reaches a global audience.

As the founder and host of the widely acclaimed CXOTalk, Michael has interviewed almost 1,000 of the world’s top business leaders, technologists, and academics, providing valuable insights into how organizations can harness technology to drive success and create value. With over three decades of experience, Michael has built a reputation for his ability to distill complex concepts into clear, actionable strategies. His work spans a broad range of industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing.

He is also a photographer whose work has been published by the Wall Street Journal, MIT, CNET News, the National Park Service, Inc. Magazine, and others. Michael is on Twitter at @mkrigsman.